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Have you ever seen a rocket launch?


It all started when…

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A start-up accelerator for africa and beyond


Hey everyone!

My name is Wafa Elamin. I founded Zol and Zola back in 2015 to help mentor start-ups and create a positive community in Sudan.

Running the Zol and Zola centre was the best learning experience of my life - business is a true passion of mine.

So what’s my other side job?

Well I work in the hospital as a junior doctor in Medicine and I’m finishing my PhD here in the UK.


Some of the things I do



Tedx Youth Speaker and public Speaker


Hosted over 109 small and large events


Personally Trained over 700 men and women




Here are some of the start-ups and initiatives that I’ve mentored for 2 years



A Sudanese tourism company, created by millennial for millennial with a focus on rare African culture and history.


E7na Arts

A marketing agency formed and run entirely by arts and graphics graduates of fine arts. It focuses on artistic promotion and creative out of the book work.



This is a non-profit initiative that functions as a free public library allowing members to borrow books and relies on book donations and volunteers.