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“Launch your own events” Masterclass

2 years of Zol and Zola was quite the learning experience!

Nothing beats seeing glimpses of what happened at our events. Scroll the images below before reading the programme breakdown!


Programme breakdown

This is an 8 - weeks structured online training programme. You can complete in it your own time. It comes with a signature course e-workbook that you can print out and fill-out. This helps you brainstorm your times and set your goals- week by week.

You also get access to a private Facebook group where you can engage with other people who are also setting up community centres or organizing events around the world. This community is a great way to share ideas and experiences. I’ll also host regular live videos in group to check in with everyone on progress and answer your questions.

Here is a quick breakdown of the course content:

  1. Setting up the idea and testing the market

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2. Managing team members and volunteers

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3. Creating a marketing strategy

You don’t always need to splash on marketing - You’ll learn how to use Facebook event page. Get people interested early on- even before the full plan takes shape.

4. Planning and hosting activities and events

There is an art to planning events for your start-up. There is always more that can be done but a good written plan at the beginning can be the solution.

5. Dealing with guests and members

Guests are always right - keeping them happy is essential but sometimes its not so easy.

6. Managing the rental halls or property

Whether you will host events in your own space or if you are renting out venues - there is a lot that goes to managing the space, before, during and after the event. Thinking of furniture, lighting, sounds, equipment etc… I love to use a checklist to keep everything set and I share all these points!

7. Generating revenue and managing finances

A marketing event can also prove quite profitable in and of itself. You can generate money from ticket sales, taking a percentage of profits during bazaars, launching a subscription fee for regular access or working with affiliates companies. Not only will we cover all these, well also look at how to manage your day to day finances.

8. Bonus sessions:

We’ll also discuss all the tools you can use to help you smoothly including website hosting, accounting software, free photography and graphic design tools as well as free project and team management software. Basically all the things I wish I knew when I first set up Zol and Zola!

And that’s NOT all!!!

We’ll discuss each a range of different events and what to do to get them up and running smoothly.

  1. Impromptu drama events and movie viewings

  2. Live music and cultural events

  3. Art exhibitions and art classes

  4. Fashion shows and exhibitions

  5. Sporting boot-camps and adventure/treasure hunt activities

  6. Adult colouring events and meditation and yoga sessions

  7. Language clubs

  8. Educational workshops, forums and panel discussions

This entire workshop has been a labour of love that is based on my experience of setting up and running Zol and Zola. I learnt about people and project management as well as event planning.

It was tough. It was life-changing. There were lots of great successes and even greater failures along the way. But I went through all that so you don’t have to!

Join our premium training and learn how to get your activities, youth or community centre off the ground within 6 months. Just click the button below:

Payment and pricing

You get access to the full-lecture series, a certificate upon completion, access to the signature e-workbook and notes, access to the private Facebook group and community as well as regular live videos to answer all your questions along the way.

The entire 8 - week course costs £750 in total. You can pay this over 6 months or once off with over a 20% reduction.

Pay once plan

Pay £600 in total and receive a 20% off.

6 month plan

You pay £125 per month for 6 months and a total of £750.