Bringing People Together


So you have a business…

And you love it!

But you are finding it extremely hard getting people

through the front door. It’s odd because

the place looks great and the services you are offering

will really help others.

And you are wondering… how am I going to make this happen?

You’ve tried many marketing techniques but you aren’t getting the results you want.

Well, let me tell - I’ve been there!

And it sucks, I know!!

When I first launched Zol and Zola as a business hub in 2015,

I couldn’t get people to enrol to our services. It was crazy because the centre looked

great and the services were affordable.

So where was EVERYONE??


I needed to try a different marketing approach.

My team and I launched a fun event at the centre bring people together.

Then another and then another…

And oh boy, did people start coming through our doors!

Soon our events were fully booked and the talk of the town.

Our workshops sold out.

Our working space was used by attendees daily.

Our social media account grew to over 40,000 followers.

So what was the secret that helped us make that jump in 18 months?


Smart, fun, curated events that brought people to business

and built a loyalty brand within our city!

And if we could do it…you can do it for your start-up!

The only question I can ask you know is:

Do you want to give your business, organisation, project or online community a new lease of life?

If your answer was YES! then join my “Launch events to create BUZZ around your start-up” masterclass to learn how to do this!

Just click on the button below!!


So what will you learn in this masterclass?

Well let me quickly break down the course content into the three key lessons…Here goes:


First you’ll learn the how to PLAN for your event.


Next you’ll learn how to MARKET your event using social media and without paid ads.

Happy birthday!.png

Finally, you’ll learn how to HOST the actual event and deal with any issues that may come up.


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Launch events to create BUZZ around your start-up Masterclass

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Here are some of the start-ups and initiatives that I’ve mentored for 2 years



A Sudanese tourism company, created by millennial for millennial with a focus on rare African culture and history.


E7na Arts

A marketing agency formed and run entirely by arts and graphics graduates of fine arts. It focuses on artistic promotion and creative out of the book work.



This is a non-profit initiative that functions as a free public library allowing members to borrow books and relies on book donations and volunteers.

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Launch events to create BUZZ around your start-up Masterclass


Meet your course leader

Hey everyone! My name is Wafa Elamin. I founded Zol and Zola back in 2015 to help mentor start-ups and create a positive community in Sudan.

Running the Zol and Zola centre was the best learning experience of my life - business is a true passion of mine.

So what’s my other side job?

Well I work in the hospital as a junior doctor in Medicine and I’m finishing my PhD here in the UK.


a little more about me



Tedx Youth Speaker and public Speaker


Hosted over 109 small and large events


Personally Trained over 700 men and women